My proxy "network" runs proxy servers in various geolocations to help evade geographical access restrictions (like locked YouTube videos in certain countries).


2015-04-12 Made Netflix USA work again.

2015-02-10 Proxy-server configs are now synced across nodes. Also, may now be accessed by limited accounts to verify the geolocation.

2015-01-17 Added Netherlands and secondary USA node.

2014-08-08 Proxies will no longer listen on port 80.

2014-07-30 Added to the limited account approved sites on UK proxy only.

2014-07-15 Moved the London UK geolocation to a new hosting provider.

2014-05-25 Opened new geolocation node (NYC, USA) at Same users and ports apply.

2013-11-09 Updated URL-rules and configuration due to YouTube changes

2013-07-01 Now accepting HTTPS connections on port 4443. Does not work with Firefox but with Chrome.

2013-04-07 SOCKS5 proxy now available upon request.

2012-09-12 Fixed login and permission problems and opened port 443

2012-09-10 now available on limited accounts

2012-08-21 Opened port 80 additionally to 3128

Client Configuration

First of all you need to obtain a username and password to be granted access to the proxy service.
You do that by asking me personally.

All proxy servers are available non-encrypted on ports 443 and 3128, as well as SSL secured (HTTPS, self-signed) on port 4443.
The following is a list of all available proxy nodes and their hostnames.

Geolocation Codename Hostname Up?
Amsterdam, NL tod undisclosed
New York City, USA lungorthin undisclosed

By default, users will be limited to the following services:

allweb-unlocked accounts may use the service wherever and however they like.
The following expressions may help activating the proxy with a plugin/extension (FoxyProxy recommended) only when a supported site is visited:
Service Regular expressions Required geolocation
YouTube ^https?://.*\.youtube\.com/.*$
GrooveShark ^https?://.*\.?grooveshark\.com/.*$ UK, USA or NL
PANDORA* ^https?://.*\.pandora\.com/.*$ USA
Netflix ^https?://.*\.?netflix\.com/.*$ ^https?://.*\.nflximg\.com/.*$ USA recommended
* Only accessible with allweb-unlocked accounts.
To get your account allweb-unlocked you should ask me personally.

Server Configuration

All proxy nodes share the same configuration and user database.
They are configured to not add headers that could leave possibilities to conclude the real user.

Help funding

Each proxy node costs about $6 (~€5.50) every month. If you use them regularly, a little help would be greatly appreciated!

Alternatively, in the unlikely event that you're planning on renting a server from Vultr, please click this link.
It will add my affiliate code to your account registration, giving me $10 once when you've spent $10.

Legacy information

The old (german) and falsey proxy guide page is available here.

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